About Child Benefit


What is child benefit?

It is a program that is specifically applied to children’s benefit. You can apply for this program for your child. The payment is usually made by the government for every four weeks but sometimes, weekly payment could also be done. Child benefit is available for all who qualify – parent or guardian, who is responsible for at least one child irrespective of their savings or income.

How to know whether you qualify for child benefit?

If you’re not the parent of a child but are responsible for a child’s well-being; or even if your child doesn’t live with you, you can still claim child benefit. You can call us to find out more details. In brief, look at the following conditions to know whether you qualify to get a child benefit.

  • If you’re paying towards their upkeep
  • If your child is living with a person who is not getting child benefit
  • The amount you pay for your child is the same you receive on child benefit

Remember, if the person your child is living with and you are trying to claim child benefit compensation for the same child, only one amongst you is eligible to receive it. If the child reaches the age 16, this program may stop paying you unless they are in full-time education. And once the child reaches a certain age, the eligibility to claim for child benefit is exhausted.

You can contact us for more information on a few questionnaires like:

  • Qualifying criteria for child benefit?
  • What type of training or education counts for child benefit?
  • Whether you can claim it if your child is 16 or above?

How much amount you’ll get on child benefit?

If you’ve only one child or claiming for your eldest child, you can get a substantial amount  per week. While for the rest of your children it would be a different payment per week.

The amount claimed for your child also depends on if the child is the eldest or the youngest.

How is it paid?

The compensation can be paid into any account accepting direct payment like National Savings & investments (NS&I), bank or building society.

Way to claim child benefit

To get child benefit, you’ll need to fill and submit a claim benefit form to the child benefit office. To avoid any rejection make sure you send all the right documents that are necessary for claiming. You can contact us over the phone or through email support to get details of essential documents. Although, the only way you can claim is through claim form, you can also get advice or discuss regarding the claiming process personally using the child benefit helpline. Our service helps you connect to the authorised helpline so that you can speak to an adviser by phoning.

How to keep child benefit up-to-date?

Child benefits can be received even after your child is 16 if they are in non-advanced full time education in school, college or into any other approved training programs.

Education is considered as full-time if the student devotes more than 12 hours per week during the educational term. You are eligible for child benefits if your child is undergoing such full-time and non- advanced education.

The child support office will contact you in writing to know about your child’s future plans, during his last year of school. The reply can be made after ensuring whether your child will continue his education or training. Our helpline number can assist you in contacting the child support office and provide necessary details if required.

Basics of child benefit

Child benefits can be received till your child is 20, provided they are undergoing training or education that the covered under this benefit scheme.

Child benefit can still continue during certain circumstances. For instance, your child is less than 18 but does not intend to stay in education or training that is counted under this support structure, payments can still carry on from the date of discontinuation until the last date of February, May, August or November. To know this and other conditions you can call personally the child support guide phone number.

The child support office must be informed if your child starts getting other and self benefits, or if he starts working.

For more information, you can contact the child benefit Office by dialling our child benefit guide number.

High Income Child Benefit Charge

An income of £50,000 or more could make you or your partner liable for a tax charge if any of you receives child benefits for your child’s nurturing, or if there is any change in the number of children you are entitled to get child benefits for. It is important to know whether you need to pay this tax charge.

The extent of this tax charge depends on the child benefit entitlement amount and adjusted net income.

To know more about ‘adjusted net income’, assessment of tax charge, whether you fall under the liability category and several other questions, don’t hesitate to call the child benefit guide phone number.

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