What information is mandatory before I file a child benefit claim?

Make sure you’ve the following information handy before you fill and submit in an online claim application form for child benefit.

  • Valid email address
  • Child benefit number
  • National insurance number
  • Your full name and postal address with postcode as well
  • Your date of birth
  • Your child’s date of birth

Am I eligible for child benefit?

Yes, you may be eligible for child benefit if:

  • Your child is less than 16 years of age
  • Your young one is more than 16 but less than 20 years and is continuing his/her studies or training (as mentioned in child benefit scheme)
  • He/she is under 18, discontinued education and/or training but is registered for work, training or education with career services, support services under local authority, the defence ministry and so on.

Can someone else who lives with child receive child benefit?

Yes! Other than parent if someone else is responsible for child’s upkeep, then they are eligible to receive child benefit compensation provided they contribute a minimum amount of child benefit for the child.

Will I be affected by high income child benefit?

If your income before tax and personal allowance deduction is more than £50,000, you’re certainly affected by the high income child benefit burden.

What type of changes do I need to report to the child benefit office?

Any changes that are likely affect your entitlement to child benefit should be reported to respective authority as soon as possible. The following are a few types of changes that should be reported.

  • Any changes in your income or your partner’s
  • Change in your child training or education
  • Your social security contributions to your child
  • Change in address or bank account
  • If your child dies, etc.

How should I report the changes?

Now, you can report changes that may affect your entitlement towards child benefit online. The ways listed below can help you report changes.

  • Fill an online contact form and submit to child benefit office
  • By phoning the authorised helpline, don’t worry we can provide you the child benefit contact number
  • You can directly write your request to the child benefit office

Can I get child benefits for adopted children?

You may be entitled to child benefits for adopted children. You can apply while you are still in the process of adoption. It is not usually required to wait till adoption process is complete.

Do I qualify for child benefits if I have moved to the UK from another country?

It is possible to get the Benefit for your children if you have moved to the UK from another country. But the process is subjected to some residency rules that you will have to satisfy. To know more, please contact a child benefit office through the helpline number provided in this child support guide.

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